R Marine Perth can help you create the luxury boating lifestyle you desire.

BERTHS GUARANTEED for new boat buyers and many of our brokerage boats.

R Marine Perth, located at Aquarama Marina in East Fremantle, provides luxury motor yacht owners with every facility needed to make their boating experience easier and enjoyable.

Riviera-owned and operated, R Marine Perth offers the full range Riviera luxury motor yachts from 36-77 feet across five distinctive model collections – the true blue-water Flybridge, stylish and sophisticated Sport Yacht, sporty and adventurous SUV, the advanced new Sports Motor Yacht and the timelessly classic Belize Motoryachts design.

We also offer:
  • Full Boat Brokerage

  • RMP Service (authorised Volvo agent)

  • The Boatmen – for all of your cleaning, shipwright and electrical requirements

  • Slipway Facilities

  • Mechanical Maintenance

  • Boat Storage – Wet and Dry

  • 24-Hour Fuel Access

  • Boat Handling and Safety Courses

R Marine Perth is the only luxury motor yacht broker in Perth with a fully-equipped marina, just minutes from Fremantle Heads. 

Buying a new yacht can be a confusing experience without the assistance of experts, who can determine which model best suits your individual cruising aspirations. For instance, those looking to purchase a new yacht are often torn deciding between new and used, petrol and diesel, single engine or twin, stern drives, shaft drives or pod drive propulsion … and then there are decisions regarding fit-out, berthing, maintenance, insurance, running costs … a a dozen other variables.
At R Marine Perth, we eliminate the confusion about buying and ensure your boating experience is pure pleasure.
1. FREE 12-month membership to R Marine's 24-hour Assist Program – 365 days a year, we are here to help if you find yourself in trouble at sea. You will enjoy peace of mind of knowing that we are never far away. (In conjunction with Fremantle Volunteer Sea Rescue Group.)
2. FREE 2-hour "getting to know your yacht" lesson with your new purchase. You learn how to operate your yacht the right way the first time.
3. DRIVER TUITION:  Never worry about berthing your yacht. We can teach you and your family how to drive safely and we even have a free valet service.
4. AUTOMATIC, 24-hour boat-side fuel service: Low on fuel? Just bring your boat alongside our new state-of-the-art re-fuelling facility at your convenience, swipe your credit card, and top up.
5. FINE DINING: After a trip upriver or over to Rottnest, step off your luxury Riviera or Belize and head straight to a table at our on-site Eat Greek Restaurant. 
6. EASY ACCESS to our mechanical workshop, shipwrights, trimmers, hull cleaning and slipping facilities
7. CLEAN, secure facilities. Locked gates at night and live-in caretaker. Power and water accessible to all berths
8. PROFESSIONAL team at R Marine Perth, with years of experience and the backing of renowned Riviera
9. AGENTS for the largest and most-awarded luxury motor yacht builder in the southern hemisphere, Riviera.

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